Inspiradical #2

Inspiradical is a regular collection of the creative and inspiring things we’re reading, watching and listening to. Regardless of whether you’re a creative professional or doing something else more left-brained, we face creative problem solving in our lives. The best way to be consistently creative is with consistent inspiration and we want to share ours with you!

#1 Colorado Is Rad

You want to know what, the great state of Colorado is pretty rad and pretty inspiring. Did I mention this is our state? Lately it was felt like the creativity making up Colorado has really blossomed, with all kinds of great people doing incredible things. All this in addition to the perfect weather and mountains and stuff. Here are two short videos that celebrate Colorado’s inspiring people:

Denver By Hand

Denver By Hand 60 from Chuck Fryberger on Vimeo.


Making Colorado


#2 Limitations?

If you pay attention to our portfolio, you notice we do work for a lot of lacrosse teams and organizations. Having played the sport my whole life, lacrosse is pretty near and dear to me. The story of little Mikey Stolzenberg has been making the rounds within the lacrosse community, but it’s worth breaking in new circles. The gist of it: Mikey has no hands and no feet, but plays lacrosse (pretty well) against kids with 2 hands and 2 feet. Check out 1:35 for Mikey sticking a goal!


#3 This Guy!

As of February of this year, I’ve taken on a new career path…fatherhood. I can’t even describe how much I love this little guy. Talk about a totally new way of looking at life, especially all the little things I used to consider really important. Looking forward to being inspired every single day by him.



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