who we are

The Freelance Studio, is a new User Experience Agency in Denver, CO. Our UX services range from Human Systems Development to Digital and Print Media. We create and design user experiences that are relevant. This is a unique place where our passion for business, psychology, design and our fascination with technology meet in a unique narrative.

Designing User Experiences

We begin with the end in mind.  We work with our clients to design experiences. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to create tasteful and innovative solutions because they’re the right idea, for the right client, at the right time.

Out of the Box Ideas

User experience is everywhere. As a business owner you are constantly trying to influence prospects to come to you instead of your competition. You need to think big picture and let us help with some of the details. From digital to print design and marketing – we have a proven track record.

Top Notch Support

We believe in forming partnerships and lending our expertise to those individuals and organizations who need it most. The best design whether print or digital will have a short life unless it is backed by a sound marketing strategy. Your market strategy takes time and ongoing support.

our services

Simply put we take on your design project with your client’s experience in mind. Whether you are a retailer with a desire for more in person customer engagement and sales or a small software company with a desire to increase your online conversion rate we can help. Cost is never an issue with our clients. We go out of our way to define a rate or payment plan that is a win/win for all.


We are a user experience agency, this is at our core competencies.  UX should not be placed in a box. Sometimes all you need is help creating an experience for your customer. UX doesn’t have to live on a webpage, it takes place anywhere you interact with your customer.


We love design: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Collateral, Web and App Design, Signage, Infographics, Package Design, Publication Design and layout, etc… Let us know what you need.


Let us work on your next marketing project or campaign. On or off – line your market strategy is most important. Allow our research, ux, and design skills to provide you a competitive advantage in series of campaigns


Outsource UX/UI, Design, and Marketing: With the pressures of your business being at there highest, it’s impossible to be aware of all your blind spots and to be at your best.  Why not have an agency that considers every single customer touch point for you. We have a different perspective and it has proven profitable.

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